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Intumescent cover for Switch / Phone /  Data Sockets.
Intumescent cover for Switch / Phone /  Data Sockets.

Socket Box Cover (Putty Pads replacement)

Astroflame Intumescent Switch Box Covers.

Easy to install putty pad alternative.

Tested to BS 476 Part 20 for up to 120 minutes.

The covers are pre-formed to fit the boxes.
Single size cover: 90mm x 90mm x 50mm deep
Double size cover: 160mm x 90mm x 50mm deep

Prevents or delays fire from entering a wall cavity and attacking the building structure.
Provides an effective acoustic barrier to both impact and airborne sounds.

Simple and fast mechanical fixing, no adhesives, no mess.

Can be retro fitted to existing sockets / switches or fitted during wall construction.

Replaces time consuming plasterboard lining of sockets / switches.

The switch / socket box can be removed without disturbing or replacing the cover.

No additional screws, drilling or support required - saves money.

Restores and maintains fire insulation and integrity in plasterboard walls for up to 120 minutes.


The use of recessed switch and socket boxes in walls is widespread in private, public and commercial buildings. The walls are subject to fire regulations and, most will have to be fire rated.

Once a hole is made in the wall for a recessed switch or socket box, the integrity of the construction and its ability to perform in a fire can be reduced significantly, in addition the ability for the wall to provide an effective acoustic barrier is also impaired. In timber framed buildings the prevention of fire entering wall cavities and attacking the structure is critical to the overall fire integrity of the building.

To combat this ASTROflame, as part of its continuing development of passive fire and acoustic protection solutions, has developed a socket / switch fire and acoustic protection cover as an easy fit alternative to putty pads.

The covers have been developed to provide maximum protection for penetrations created by the introduction of both single and double recessed switch / socket boxes and to allow ease of fitting. In a fire situation, the cover expands internally to fill all of the available space with a fire resistant highly insulating char. The fire is unable to penetrate the hole and the cover is able to give additional insulation protection to the wall void by reducing the chance of heat build up and the ignition of flammable structural members. The penetration in the wall also provides a path for air, thus creating heat loss and drafts, the fitting of a ASTRO FRA Socket Box Cover reduces this problem.

The single socket box is designed for most common single & double boxes. In a wall with two layers of plasterboard on each face, the ends of the fixing wires can be pushed between the plasterboard layers.


Single or Double Socket sizes / one per box or boxes of 10 per size

Single size cover dimensions: 90mm x 90mm x 50mm deep
Double size cover dimensions: 160mm x 90mm x 50mm deep


Fire Test and Assessment Reports

ASTRO FRA Socket Box Covers have been tested to BS476 part 20 in an un-insulated plasterboard wall construction for 120 minutes without failure in either insulation or integrity.

Acoustically tested by BRE to both BS EN150 140-3: 1995 & BS 2750 Part 3 1995.

Pack Size

Our Price: £4.74

Prices include VAT.

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