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Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles - UK manufactured by Mototile.
Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles - UK manufactured by Mototile. Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles - UK manufactured by Mototile. Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles - UK manufactured by Mototile. Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles - UK manufactured by Mototile.

Seamless Interlocking Floor Tiles by Mototile

Mototile interlocking garage floor tiles are UK manufactured from semi-rigid, injection-moulded PVC in solid colours.

They are designed for creating stylish patterned floors in garages, utility rooms, home gyms etc.

Tiles interlock continuously, and virtually seamlessly, on all sides for excellent fit, stability and a neat finish. Their easy lay characteristics also make them suitable for portable exhibition flooring.

Design your floor with the tile-floor-designer Mototile Floor Planner

Tiles can be laid on any hard, even surface but are unsuitable for fitting directly over surfaces with high spots or flexing surfaces such as lawns or soft carpets.

Made of solid colour PVC the tiles have a heavy 'rubbery' feel, considerable flexibility and do not crack if bent.

Easy, wipe down maintenance requires just a kitchen floor mop and a diluted washing-up liquid solution.

Available in Coin-Top or Diamond-Plate designs with tile edge ramps and skirting available in matching colours.

Length 333 mm
Width 333 mm
Height 7 mm

Cost Calculator:
There are 9 tiles to a sq. metre. The cost per sq m, including vat, is £26.89 for the standard range of colours with Supersport colours costing a little more.

A non-marking rubber mallet may be useful when fitting the tiles together but many installations require only a sharp craft knife for cutting the tiles, a tape measure and a straight edge.

For curved or intricate shapes you can use an electric jig saw or a coping saw.

Ensure a small working gap (5mm) is left around the floor edge for expansion and so that tiles can be moved or altered in the future. This gap can be hidden completely using our tile skirting.

NOTE: Mototile strongly advise the use of tile ramps on all edges where vehicles move on and off the floor or where there is a risk of pedestrians tripping.

Quick video guide to Mototile

Mototile Garage Tile Colours

Tile Colour
Tile Face Pattern

Our Price: £2.99

Prices include VAT.

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