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PS Coating - CE Marked

Penetration Seal Coating

The Penetration Seal Coat is a thicker formulation, for brush application, to coat plain stone wool as it is being installed by the user: it can also be be applied to insulation already in place on the services, adding to the fire resistance of the seal. It prevents the passage of fire, air and sound between fire rated compartments and has been tested in block wall, concrete, masonry and plasterboard partition.

The PS Coat is a water-based, acrylic, ablative coating with excellent fire, air permeability and elastomeric properties. At normal temperatures PS Coating remains flexible to permit thermal and mechanical movement of services and the building structure. The PS Coat has been tested to EN1366-3 EI60 when applied to pre-fitted stone fibre equal or greater than 140kg/m3 density and equal or greater than 50mm thickness.



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Penetration Seal Coating 5 Kilo Tub

A highly advanced flexible coating used to apply to uncoated stonewool boards to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor constructions | CE Marked & UL EU Accreditation.

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