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PFP FR Acrylic - CE

Designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through joints and openings in fire rated walls and floors (including openings formed around building service penetrations); the Astro PFP FR Acrylic will also maintain the acoustic design performance. When subjected to atmospheric conditions, the sealant cures however, it will retain a degree of elasticity for joint movement. Under fire exposure, The Astro PFP FR Acrylic creates a robust fire seal by the formation of a durable intumescent char.

The Astro PFP FR Acrylic can be used with a suitable filling material i.e. stone wool or Astro PFP FR backing material in order to secure correct width to depth ratio, and to reduce the shrinking of the sealant during curing. Minimum depth and maximum width of the joints are included in the installation instructions.



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Astro PFP FR Acrylic - CE (Cartridge - 310ml)

Astro PFP FR Acrylic | Fire Stopping Mastic | Simple to apply with a smooth surface finish | Permanently flexible | High end formula, certified worldwide | Single 310ml Cartridge.

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