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Lighting Protection

Stormflame Fire Rated Lighting Products

Lighting Fire Hoods.

Convert a normal downlight to a fire-rated one by using a fire hood.

Fire hoods maintain the integrity of a fire resisting ceiling for periods up to 120 minutes, depending on type, retarding the spread of fire into roof spaces.

Our range of easy to install BS / EN certified fire hoods for downlights, luminaires and recessed lighting is from Astroflame.The downlight fire hoods are acoustic rated to cut noise transmission as well as being fire rated.

The loft cone / loft cap allows continuous loft insulation to be laid over it without running the risk of overheating (F-Capped type).

Technical Guidance

Recessed light fittings in ceilings to intermediate floors in houses | 6.4/10 - Aug 2019 (Third Issue)

Download the lighting technical guidance PDF file

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Loft Cone For Downlights (Fire Rated)

Loft Cap / Cone Supports loft insulation over and away from downlights and continuous loft insulation | Fully tested to prevent overheating | Save energy

Luminaire Light Cover Fire Hood (Fire Rated)

Fire Hoods | Up to 120 Minutes Fire Rating | Lightweight and flexible, offering easy installation | Cost effective.

Intumescent Fire & Acoustic Rated Downlight Cover

Easy fit fire hood for downlights. Prevents fire from penetrating the ceiling void and retains ceiling's fire protection integrity | Five sizes from 150x150mm to 350x230mm. Maintenance free.

Luminaire Light Canopy (Fire Rated)

Stops the passage of smoke and fire through a fire rated ceiling fitted with recessed downlights | 5 sizes, all 60 min fire rated.