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Interlocking Floor Tiles

Stormflame interlocking tiles products from Mototile

Interlocking Floor Tiles - perfect for garages, workshops, stores, shops, offices, gyms & more.

We stock the following models of Mototile interlocking floor tile  in various colours and face designs.

MotoLock is our versatile heavy duty interlocking floor tile. In stock Recycled PVC Tiles, New PVC Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey and Sport Colour Tiles. Price starting from £6.39 (excluding VAT). Designed to a heavy duty industrial flooring specification but, due to the neat precision interlock it's also ideal for retail, commercial, gym, office and even domestic floor applications.

Our Brand New Superior strength MotoVent Tiles perfect for your garage flooring or workshop flooring. The MotoVent Tiles are designed with self draining channels allowing debris and dirt to drain through. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In stock New PVC Tiles, Black, Light Grey, Red, White, Yellow and more sport colour Tiles. Price starting from £4.25 (excluding VAT)

MotoMat is a thick (12mm) interlocking tile manufactured in the UK from recycled PVC materials. Designed as a budget priced, anti-fatigue, anti-vibration, insulating tile it can be used in standing water (including outdoors). In Cointop or Diamond Plate faces MotoMat costs just £15.96 sq m ex vat. Available with Black or Yellow edge ramps.

Don't forget to buy matching or contrasting coloured ramps for the floor side facing the garage door, they protect the tile edge as well as creating a perfect finish. To make a perfect job as neat as possible we can also supply Tile Skirts that sit above the cut edge and are fastened via screws or nails to the garage wall. A handy insert strip which is colour matched or contrasted to your chosen tile then hides the screw heads. Suitable for use with our Mototile ranges.

Have some questions visit the Mototile website FAQs page or view some garage designs from our customers Garage Floor Makeover slideshow.

Tools and Information For Your Flooring Project


Floor Designer

Check out MotoLock Floor Designer Tool

A layout planner tool for MotoLock Heavy Duty Tiles or MotoVent Tiles. Each square on the grid represents one tile.

MotoLock Floor Pattern ►

MotoVent Floor Pattern ►

Cost Calculator

Calculator The Total Cost Of Your next Flooring Project

Calculate the cost of your next flooring project. Just input your floor dimensions and get an estimated total cost

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How To Install Your Floor Tiles

How To Install The MotoLock Product From Mototile

A guide to installing your garage flooring using the Mototile products.

MotoLock Install Guide ▶

MotoMat Install Guide ▶

MotoVent Install Guide ▶

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How To Install The MotoLock Product From Mototile

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Flooring Packs

Discount on interlocking tiles | Perfect for Garages, Workshops, Warehouses, Gyms, Factories, Commercial and Temporary Spaces | Free Delivery | Low Prices

MotoLock - Interlocking Floor Tiles

Heavy Duty floor tiles tough enough for a range of requirements | Huge range of colours and pattern designs | Size: 495 x 495 x thick 7mm

Recycled MotoLock - Interlocking Floor Tiles

Precision made, tough and economical | Interlocks with all the the Mototlock tiles & ramps in the colour range | Neutral Colours

MotoLock Tile Edge Ramps

Interlocking Floor Ramps/edges in New or Recycled PVC | For Garages, Workshops, Warehouses, Gyms and more | Commerical and Domestic uses | Will take heavy loadings

MotoVent Tiles

Interlocking vented garage floor Tiles | Perfect for Garages or Workshops | Rib tiles with a snap and lock design | Commercial and Domestic uses | Ultra thick tiles that will take heavy loads | Ideal for indoor and outdoor use | Various colours

MotoVent Ramps & Ramp Corners

Superior strength MotoVent Ramps perfect for your garage flooring or workshop flooring | Create a durable and versatile garage floor with Garage Ramps or Drain Edging | Snap and lock design | Commercial and Domestic uses | Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

MotoMat - Anti-fatigue Floor Tiles

Interlocking Floor Tiles in Hi Viz Yellow | Diamond-plate or cointop design | Suitable for all outdoor/indoor use | Size: 470 x 470 x 12mm thick

MotoMat Tile Edge Ramps

Budget Interlocking Floor Ramps/edges in New or Recycled PVC | For Garages, Workshops, Warehouses, Gyms and more | Commerical, Domestic and Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use