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High Strength Fire Mortar Compound - CE Marked

Compound Supplied In 20kg bags

HS FM Compound is a one-part synthetic mortar used to seal openings in walls and floors to prevent the passage of fire and smoke. It is mixed with water to produce a trowelable or pourable mortar compound. The seal created is high strength and non combustible, with a fire resistance to EN 1366-3 2009 at 100mm thickness and it can be made load bearing.

  • Can be reactivated with water to extend the working time.
  • Free of halogens, asbestos, fibres & silica and is non toxic.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use & can be over painted.
  • Not affected by fungus, vermin, rodents and is environmentally friendly.
  • Long life and ease of use with minimum waste. Acoustic insulation properties


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High Strength Fire Resistant Mortar - CE Marked

Synthetic mortar designed to prevent the passage of fire and smoke | High strength, non combustible and can be made load bearing | Fire resistance to EN 1366-3 2009

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