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Graffiti Remover Container  

Graffiti Remover Container

Key Points:

  • 100% safe graffiti remover cleaner
  • Dissolves graffiti back into a liquid
  • Breaks down ink, marker pen, paint
  • Holds graffiti media in suspension
  • Power/pressure washer compatible
  • Fresh citrus aroma smells great
  • Quickly removes graffiti from walls
  • Tested plastic & polycarbonate safe
  • 100% Biodegradable / Eco-Friendly

Easy-off safe graffiti remover is our #1 all purpose graffiti removal product. Capable of removing graffiti from around 80% of all porous substrates and 100% of non-porous surfaces, easy-off graffiti removal liquid penetrates deep into ink, spray paint and dye based graffiti media, lifting it away from the wall you’re trying to clean and holding it in suspension ready to be high-pressure water washed or cloth wiped away.

Easy-off graffiti remover is 100% safe to use on plastic and polycarbonate and removes graffiti without damage or blooming occurring to the surface. Chosen by nearly two-thirds of the UK’s local authorities and hundreds of graffiti removal professionals all over the World easy-off safe graffiti remover comes ready to use.


  • Sold in the following sizes: 5 Litre and 25 Litres


Our Price: £73.80

Prices include VAT.


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