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Fire Stop Products

Stormflame Fire Stop Products

Fire Stop Products.

Passive Fire Stop Products are a form of fire safety provision that remains dormant, or inert, during normal conditions but becomes active in a fire situation. It is an integral component of structural fire protection in a building, which is designed to contain fire and smoke or slow their spread.

The purpose is to contain the spread of fire for sufficient time to permit the safe evacuation of all occupants of the premises and the arrival of the fire brigade. Astroflame's Passive Fire Stop Products also serves to ensure the building remains as safe as possible for entry in this situation and to minimise damage to the building itself.

The following Fire Stop products are used to slow the spread of fire via the various penetrations and voids commonly occurring in buildings for pipework, conduits, ducts, cables, socket boxes, ventilation, exterior cladding etc. as required in the UK Building Regulations, Approved Document B - Fire Compartmentation.

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Pipe Collars

Intumescent Pipe Collars tested to BS476 Part 20 1987 | 2 or 4 hour rated | Wide range of sizes.

Pipe Wraps

Intumescent Pipe Wraps | Fire protection for plastic pipework | Tested to BS476 Part 20 1987 | EN1366-3 | Quick delivery options available.

Thermal Fire Pipe Sleeve

Tested to BS476: Part 20 & 22 | Excellent Acoustic Insulation | CE Labelled | Quick delivery options available.

Fire Pillows

Intumescent Fire Pillows | BS476: Part 20: 1987 | EN1366-3 | Removable for re-use | Create temporary or permanent fire barriers.

Fire Stop Block

A compressible firestop seal for service penetration openings or trunking | An alternative to intumescent pillows.

Fire Rated Ceiling Air Valve

Air valves designed to restore the integrity of fire rated ceilings | Quick delivery options available.

Duct Sleeve

Intumescent Duct Sleeve | 2 Hour fire rating to BS 476 | Suits wide range of fire partition walls | Excellent acoustic insulation

Socket Box Protection

Socket Box / Wall Box Pre-formed inserts | Putty Pads | For common single and double box sizes | Fire and Acoustic rated types.

Cladding Seals

Fire Rated Cladding Seals | Tested to BS 476 Part 20 | 30 & 60 min. rating | Horizontal or Vertical use

Cavity Fire Barrier

Cavity Fire Barrier on a Roll | Tested to BS 476 Part 20 | 30 Minutes Fire Rating | For cavities up to a nominal 50mm

Expansion Joint Seals

Intumescent Expansion Joint Seals | Tested in accordance with BS 476 Part 20: 1987 | Weather proof & water resistant

Fire Resistant Mortar

Suitable for fire protecting large openings in floors & walls | BS EN Certified | Up to 4 hours fire resistance | Air Permeability and Acoustic rated.

Fire Resistant Batt

Fire Resistant Boards & Ablative Coatings | Up to 4 hours fire resistance | Halogen free | Weather resistant | Rigid and Flexible types.

Fire Resistant Putty

Fire Resistant Putty | BS476: Part 20: 1987 EN1366-3 | Up to 4 hours fire resistance | Non-setting, easily removed and re-used

Duct Wrap

Intumescent Duct Wraps | Tested to EN1366-3 | Pre-formed for use on uPVC or FB rectangular ducting.

Fire Trunking Sleeve

Intumescent Fire Trunking Sleeve | 2 Hour fire rating to BS 476 | Excellent acoustic insulation

Cable Tray Sleeve

Intumescent Cable Tray Sleeve | 2 Hour Rating to BS 476 | Excellent acoustic insulation

Cable Basket Sleeve

Intumescent Cable Basket Sleeve | 2 Hour fire rating to BS 476 | Acoustically rated | Suitable for retro fitting