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Emergency Hammer (With Fixing Bracket)

Effective emergency escape tool | Used for breaking windows in an emergency | includes concealed knife for cutting through seatbelts

£4.78 ex. VAT
Emergency Key Box (Break Glass For Key)

This Break Glass Emergency Key Box is manufactured from durable ABS plastic with a screen printed 'break glass' cover | Hold keys to emergency doors

£4.06 ex. VAT
Emergency Gas Horn (100ml Can)

This gas horn has an aerosol that is free of hydro fluorocarbon gases | Gas horns provide a brilliant form of temporary alarm cover | Ideal for use on a construction sites

£11.90 ex. VAT
Fire Door Seals (Green - Pack of 10)

These green fire door seals are a strong pull tight seal that ties the panic latch on a fire door to the rim to prevent unauthorised use of the fire door | Green Straps of 10

£2.63 ex. VAT
Fire Sand (12.5kg)

This 12.5kg bag of fire sand is specially sourced dry sand for fire fighting applications | Fire Sand is a good absorbent of spills and has fire retardant properties | Bag contents will fill fire bucket

£8.33 ex. VAT