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Finger Guards for Doors

Stormflame Finger Guard Product Brochure

Finger Guards for Doors.

The biggest range of door finger guards in one place.

Stormflame sell door finger guards online in the UK. We stock finger guards in a wide range of styles, colours and materials. To order, and subject to volumes, we can supply infection control versions or provide RAL colour matching of some guard models.

For lower risk and lower traffic doors we have budget priced finger guards through to heavier duty models and top-of-the-range products combining durability with designer style for use in prestigious and busy areas.

We have a selection of finger guards designed for automated doors - including a frameless glass door finger guard and a washable, ruggedised one for sterile environments also suitable for external use.

If you require the ultimate in robust design and materials we offer two different all-alloy construction finger protectors.

For general industrial, commercial and (some) security gate applications two popular guards are the FingerKeeper Industrial TPV range and the FingerKeeper Industrial - RP62 range.

We also stock rear hinge guards - to cover the smaller gap at the rear of the door - in either neutral finishes or, for many models, colour matched to a corresponding front finger guard.

You can request material and colour samples just fill in the form click here or phone / email us for assistance or advice.

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FingerKeeper Commercial Front

Classic Door Finger Guard | A Top Seller - available in coloured and woodgrain finishes | Easy fit, low maintenance | Wider opening and Longer version available in White or Brown.

Finger Saver Elite Front

Budget priced, well made door finger guard | Extruded solid PVC | Colours - Brown or White | For timber, steel or composite doors.

Finger Guardian Front and Rear

Similar concept to Fingerkeeper Industrial types but manufactured in PVC Nitile for realistic woodgrain finishes | Available in various colours | Some finish options have exact matching rear hinge versions available.

Finger Guard Clear

Transparent finger guard for interior doors | Easy-fit, self-adhesive | Light Duty Domestic Use.

FingerKeeper Industrial TPV

A heavy duty finger-pinch protection device | Suited to demanding environments | For interior or exterior doors | 2100mm lengths with Black or White guard material | Extra length option and extra width option in Black.

Fingerkeeper Industrial - RP62

Heavy Duty finger guard for industrial / commercial or similar premises | Butt hinged or centre pivot doors | Wide or Long version available to buy | Black EPDM guard materials.

Finger Defender RP

A Roller Type Finger Guard | Prevents finger trapping accidents | Hard-wearing synthetic fibre fabric | The fibre fabric is washable and difficult to ignite B1 | Certified and supervised quality (MPA) | 2,000,000 test cycles.

Finger Defender RPQR

Unique Quick release system allowing for inspection and maintenance of hinges, drop seals and fire seals on a fire door | Prevents finger trapping accidents | Washable and difficult to ignite B1 | Simple to install & 2,000,000 test cycles

Lorient Finger Guards

A medium duty finger guard seal system from Lorient | Provides a shield to trapping fingers in hinged doors | Openings up to 180° | Matching rear guard | Length: 2.1m

Finger Defender

Heavy duty, stylish door finger guard | 'Blind' type finger shield in anodized aluminium housing in Silver, White, Dark Bronze & Brand New Black | For manual or automated doors | Supports up to 180º door opening.

Finger Protecta

High quality door finger guard | 'Roller Blind' style design | Compact White, Silver Anodised or Dark Bronze anodised finishes | For manual or automated doors.

Glass Door Finger Guard

A compact 'roller' type finger guard for frameless glass doors | Suits automated or manual door operation | For single or double action doors.

Finger Guard - Washable

Perfect for sterile environments as it can be steamed cleaned, so surfaces are wipeable and easy to clean | Guard is ideal for use with external doors - resistant to most weather conditions.


T6 aircraft grade alloy door finger guard | Front angle types available | For timber doors | Up to 180° opening angle | Light but very durable | 2000mm lengths.

AluSlide Aluminium Finger Guard

All Aluminium finger guard that can take the knocks | Perfect for high traffic areas | For manual doors opening up to 100° | 1800mm lengths.

Fingerkeeper Protect Rear

Rear Hinge Gap Protector | Covers the rear hinge opening gap | 1960mm lengths | Colour matched to front guard

Finger Saver Elite Rear

PVC finger guard for the 'knuckle' side of the door | Designed to look like a long aluminium hinge strip | Fits using double sided tape.

SlimGuard Rear

A rear hinge guard designed to look like a standard door hinge | Slim, effective, all Aluminium, rear-of-door finger guard | Prevents finger trapping in the smaller rear door / frame gap