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Door Seals and Window Seals

Buy Draft proofing products at Stormflame  

Door seals, window seals and threshold seals

We supply quality door and window seals for draught proofing, noise reduction, energy efficiency and weatherproofing from top manufacturers including  Raven™ , Schlegel Aquamac™,  Schlegel Q-Lon™ and Astrodraft™ and Stormguard™seals.

If your installation has to meet fire protection or mobility (DDA) standards as well as noise reduction and energy saving targets one of Raven's excellent multi-function perimeter seals will probably fit the bill.

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Acoustic / Weatherproofing Door Seals. Professional quality at budget prices. Sash Window & Patio Door renovation seals. Automatic action door bottom seals.

Raven Seals

Raven Seals are available to combat draughts, dust, rain, noise, heat loss, thermal gain, fire, smoke and stray light | The majority of the seals are designed for multi-purpose uses.

Stormguard Seals

Stormguard Rain & Draught products | A huge range of ever-expanding products to meet all your draught proofing requirements.

AQUAMAC by Schlegel

AQUAMAC by Schlegel is the only weatherseal specifically for timber windows and doors | Non-rot & impervious to paint or stains for ease of maintenance and long term performance.

Schlegel Q-Lon Seals

A range of door and window seals that can be over-painted or stained without affecting performance. Durable - Min 10 year lifespan | Low friction | 7386 conformity | BS5750 quality guaranteed

Schlegel Sharkseal Seals

Schlegel Sharkseal range of seals for interior windows and doors. Low friction | Ideal for sliding applications | Slimline size for fitting to narrow frames.