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Cladding Seals

Fire Rated Cavity Seals.

Intumescent pipe collars installed to a pipe penetrating a firewall.

  • Creates a fire barrier within the cavity.
  • Allows air circulation until activated by fire.
  • Tested to BS 476 Part 20
  • 30-120 minutes fire rating
  • Horizontal and Vertical use
  • Suitable for ventilated cavities from 15mm

Many external wall systems are designed with an open cavity to provide back ventilation. The cavity acts like an open chimney to allow for moisture dissipation and to create a back pressure to repel rain ingress. However in the course of a fire this 'chimney effect' is an open path for the spread of fire, both vertically and horizontally, behind the external wall system. Fire rated cavity seals maintain the ventilated cavity in normal conditions, leaving a continuous free air space, but, in the event of a fire, the intumescent fire barrier will quickly expand to seal off the cavity to prevent the spread of fire. For more information please view the following PDF files:

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Cavity Seal - up to 25mm cavity

30 minute fire rated seal for fitting behind exterior cladding to enhance fire protection | designed to meet the NHBC requirements | Successfully fire tested in maximum size cavities of 25mm | Size: 35mm x 4mm x1000mm encased in foil.

Cavity Seal - up to 50mm cavity

Rated 30 to 120 minute (fire rating varies with underlying structure) | For fitting behind external wall systems to enhance fire protection | Successfully fire tested in cavities up to a maximum of 50mm | Size: 75mm x 6mm x1000mm encased in foil

Cavity Seal - up to 125mm cavity

Rated 30 minutes | For fitting to larger cavities behind exterior cladding to enhance fire protection | Successfully fire tested to a maximum cavity size of 125mm | Size: 50mm x 50mm x 1000mm encapsulated in red polythene.

Cavity Seals - Custom Sizes

For customer specified cavity widths greater than 50mm