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CE Marked Products

Stormflame CE Marked products

CE Marking.CE Logo At Stormflame

In addition to long standing BS / EN testing of passive fire protection products is increasingly using Third Party Approvals - such as CE, UL-EU and Certifire, amongst others - to ensure and demonstrate that the products we sell are fit for purpose. The CE mark is a claim that a particular construction product can be legally placed on the market of members states of the European Economic Area (EEA) and is based on the principle that the product specification, and therefore the product itself, is fit for purpose.

The CE Mark provides proof of fitness for purpose and the manufacturer affixing the CE mark shows that the construction product will enable the finished construction works, such as a hotel or school, to comply with the construction products regulation requirements. On the CE product pages of our website you will find links to the latest Certificate of Constancy of Performance (CoC), Declaration of Performance (DoP) and European Technical Assessment (ETA).

EU UL Marking.UL logo At Stormflame​​​​​​​

The UL-EU mark is intended for use on products destined for the European marketplace. It means that UL has evaluated representative samples of a product or component and determined that those samples comply with the UL-EU Mark service requirements. The UL-EU Mark appears on a product or component with a manufacturer's identification, i.e., company name or trademark as well as a product or component model number. Each UL-EU product page on the this web site has links to the relevant UL documents.

Certifire Marking.Certifire Logo At Stormflame

Certifire is an independent third party certification scheme that assures performance, quality, reliability and traceability of fire protection products. Recognised by regulatory authorities worldwide, it is an internationally respected mark of fire safety and one of the most authoritative in the industry. The fundamental benefit of Certifire is seated in giving the regulator, specifier, customer and end-user confidence with regards to the stated performance of the product and provides an informed choice when purchasing or selecting the product.

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Locks and Latches - CE Marked

A range of locks and latches that come in a variety of styles and sizes | Comes with a 10 year mechanical guarantee and are CE Marked

Door Hinges - CE Marked

A range of hinges that come in a variety of styles and sizes | All hinge products include Intumescent hinge pads and are CE Marked.

Door Closers - CE Marked

Fire rated door closers with adjustable closing and Latching speeds | Fire tested to BS476 Part 22 standard and is CE marked.

Pipe Collars - CE Marked

Astroflame CE Labelled Pipe Collars | Fire Resistance Testing to EN 1366-3 : 2009 | Compatible with PP, PE, PVC-U, ABS, SAN+PVC pipes.

Pipe Wrap Universal - CE Marked

Fire resistant pipe wrap in 25 metre rolls | Cut to required length on site | Fully certified and CE labelled.

Pipe Wrap - CE Marked

Astroflame CE Labelled Pipe Wraps | Fire Resistance Testing to EN 1366-3 : 2009 | For PVC, PP, MDPE and PE up to a size of 200mm diameter.

Thermal Fire Pipe Sleeve - CE Marked

Pipe Fire Sleeves for Plastic and Metal Pipes | Tested to BS476: Part 20, BS EN 1366-3 and EN13501-1 | Up to 2 Hours Fire Rating | Easy to Fit.

Fire Pillows - CE Marked

Fire pillows | Tested with metallic pipes, cables, cable bunches, cable trays and cable ladders | Fire Resistance EN 1366-3 EI 120 | Fire Classification EN13501-2.

Duct Sleeve - CE Marked

Fire resistant duct sleeve | Uncapped / Uncapped (Open | Open) fire tested as required for ventilation systems. | CE Marked 120 mins BS 476 Parts 20 and 22 : 1987, EN 1366-3 : 2009 and EN 13501-1 : 2007.

Duct Sleeve Low Profile - CE Marked

Low Profile Duct Sleeve | Fire resistant, compact, duct sleeve | Up to 120 min rating to EN 1366-3 : 2009 | Suitable for use through a wide range of fire partition walls.

Putty Pad Seals - CE Marked

CE marked certified for European markets | Easy to apply fire & sound rated pad for sockets | Available in a range of sizes | EN 1366-3:2004 & BS:EN 1364-1 fire tested.

High Pressure Expanding Sealant - CE Marked

High Pressure intumescent fire stopping sealant | Suitable for use in rigid wall and floors, flexible wall and within batts wall and floor.

Fire Batt - CE Marked

Fire Resistant Board for sealing service penetrations in walls or floors | Testing to EN 1366-3 : 2009 and BS 476 Part 20 : 1987 | Buy Online.

Spray Grade Coat - CE Marked

Fire Resistant Coating - Spray Grade | Suitable for large openings in walls and floors with additional supports | CE Marked, UL-EU Listed & Certifire Approval.

PS Coating - CE Marked

Fire Resistant Coating | Testing to EN 1366-3 : 2009 | Easy to use fibre free coating | Life expectancy of over 25 years | Buy online.

Flexi Coat Sealant - CE Marked

Flexi-Coat is an ablative, highly advanced highly flexible coating | Up to 2 hours fire resistance | CE Marked, UL-EU Listed & Certifire Approval.

Intumescent Mastic - CE Marked

Astro INTU Mastic | Brown, Grey or Off White | CE Marked : Certifire approval | For sealing gaps around fire doors, linear joints, penetration seals, voids and irregular holes in fire rated structures.

High Strength Fire Mortar Compound  - CE Marked

High Strength Synthetic Mortar | Fire Resistance to EN 1366-3 2009 | 20 year life expectancy | For interior or exterior use | Buy online.