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Cavity Fire Barrier

Fire Barrier On A 6.3 Metre Length Roll

Cavity Fire Barrier on a Roll at Stormflame

Key Points:

  • A fire rated product, providing fire resistance performance within external wall cavities, for periods up to 60 minutes*.
  • Suitable for masonry and brickwork external substrates only.
  • Ventilated design – developed to allow maximum ventilation of uninsulated cavities reducing the need for cavity trays or weepholes.
  • Suitable for ventilated cavities up to 65mm wide, including building tolerances of up to 15mm (50mm + 15mm).
  • Provided in rolls of 6.3m long.
  • Flexible and lightweight - designed to be easily and quickly installed.
  • No maintenance required after installation.


Stormflame’s Astro CavGuard Roll 65 is a cavity fire barrier designed to firestop the cavity behind external walls consisting of outer substrates of masonry or brickwork. The low smoke zero halogen highly expansive intumescent material allows ventilation to be maintained in non-fire conditions.

The Astro CavGuard Roll 65 is made from a flexible intumescent material allowing it to be provided in a roll format. With a thickness of only 6mm, the low profile design offers significant space and labour saving over traditional cavity socks, whilst also ensuring the external cavity is left unobstructed and free to ventilate. It is also covered with a protective layer of polythene for ease of handling and to protect it from water.

In the event of a fire the Astro CavGuard Roll 65’s intumescent material will expand to close the external wall cavity, providing effective fire resistance, for integrity and insulation for 60 minutes* depending upon the construction of the external wall cavity. The Astro CavGuard Roll 65 is designed to close off a total cavity of 65mm which allows for building tolerances of up to 15mm (above the typical maximum cavity ventilation requirements of 50mm).

Approved Applications:

Astro CavGuard Roll 65 “open state ventilation”

United Kingdom and European Fire Performance- Tested to BS EN 1363-1:2012 and to the principals of ASFP TGD19:2017
Inner Leaf Substrate Type (facing cavity) with Appropriate minutes Fire Rating Facade Substrate Type (facing cavity) With Appropriate Fire Rating Orientation Insulation Type Within Cavity Maximum Cavity Width (in mm) Maximum Open State Air Gap (in mm) Product Dimensions (thickness x height x length in mm) For Use Within Internal or External Corners Product Fire Resistance Rating
Integrity Insulation
Timber Frame with OSB3, Calcium Silicate, Gypsum or Cement Particle Boards Brick/Blockwork/Pitched-Faced or Random-Faced Stone Horizontal None 65 59 6 x 75 x 6300 Internal and external** 60 60
Field of Application Report-International Fire Consultants (IFC)-PAR/21620/01

Open state cavity barriers are tested in conjunction with the technical guidance document developed by the ASFP, TGD19:2017 for use with horizontal cavity barriers, any application for open state cavity barriers should be confirmed with the person responsible for design e.g. the Architect or Fire Engineer responsible for the project design.
* Integrity and insulation performance is measured from the point of closure as per TGD19:2017 requirements.

**For external corner details on Astro CavGuard Roll 65, please contact Stormflame for further information that can be made available to the principle designer / fire engineer for the project in question.

Typical Installation Details:

For full installation instructions and guidance please contact Stormflame on Tel: 01329 841 416 or Email:

Storage & Durability:

Storage Dry, ambient
Transportation storage temperature -20°C to +70°C
Working Life >50 years
Durability Type X intended for use in conditions exposed to weather (UV, rain, frost)
Fungal Resistance Protected by polythene
Halogen Content Low


  • Size: thickness: 6mm x Height: 75mm x Length: 6,300mm. Colour / Finish: Red / PE Sleeve
  • Product Code: AFCFBR65

How To Order:

  • It is essential that the correct fire barriers are specified and installed, therefore to place your Astro CavGuard Roll 65 order please fill in and email us the following interactive PDF form seen below
  • For all enquiries about Astro CavGuard Roll 65 please call us: 01329 841 416 or email us:


We have technical representatives who provide assistance in the selection and specification of the products on this site and should be consulted for exact installation and product suitability. Ensure an early engagement with ourselves, designers, main contractor and specialist installers before any installation. Other trades and/or manufacturers may need to be consulted. For in-depth information, specification and technical advice please call our Head Office on Tel: +(0)1329 841416 or email


All interested parties, designer, specifier, main contractor and specialist installers should provide access to allow the fire stopping seals to be regularly inspected and maintained, as well as records kept of such maintenance at minimum periods of 12 months, as required by the Regulatory Reform Order, and repaired if necessary. Reference should be made to ASFP TGD 17 – Code of Practice for the Installation and Inspection of Fire Stopping.


It is vital that those entrusted to design or install a fire stopping product have the necessary levels of competence to undertake the task professionally and thoroughly. The level of competency required will be commensurate with the expected complexity of the building. All designers must eliminate, reduce or control foreseeable risks that may arise during installation, construction or maintenance when preparing or modifying designs. Clients should ensure that the principal designer and principal contractor carry out their duties under CDM regulations. The ASFP foundation course in passive fire protection provides essential knowledge as part of demonstrating competency and understanding in this key fire protection specialism.

Additional Notes:

This product can only be supplied once the claddding enquiry form has been completed and approved by the manufacturer: Click the following link to download the:
Astro CavGuard Roll 65 Form.

Cavity Barrier order form:

Download and review any of the following information:

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