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A range of door seals and window seals for common applications to weatherproof, draughtproof, conserve energy and reduce intrusive noise.

  • Replacement and retrofit seals for patio doors.
  • Low friction seals and carriers for renovating sash windows.
  • Easy fit self-adhesive compression seals for doors and windows.
  • Weatherbar for exterior doors.

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Bottom Door Seals

A range of sized bottom door seals - drop down types | Acoustically tested on proprietary fire doors | Suitable for new and retrofit applications.

Door Bottom Seals (Weatherbar)

Weatherbar and Brush Seals to prevent draughts and ingress of wind blown rain under external doors.

Acoustic Door Seals

Seals designed to reduce sound transmission as well as draughts | Low trade prices with quick delivery options available.

Fire Door Seals - PVC Carrier

Astroflame intumescent fire seals and smoke seals | Twelve carrier colour options | Brush pile depth and colour options.

Trickle Vents

Improve air-circulation without creating a draught | Flush fit or rounded designs | Comply with Approved Doc F 2021 |  White, Grey or Brown Plastic types or other colours available | Up to 525mm Long 

Sash Window & Sliding Door Seals

A range of door and window seals specifically designed for sliding applications | Such as Sash Windows and Patio Doors.

Door & Glazing Seals

Bubble seals and self-adhesive draught and glazing seals for doors and windows | Self-adhesive Easy fit, quality compression seals in brown or white colours.