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Buy Fire Door Hardware Products At Stormflame

Fire Door Hardware

Fire door hardware - fire door ironmongery. Selling fire rated Lever Handles, Pull Handles, Locks & Latches, Escutcheons, Firre Door Signs, Hinges, Door Viewers and Door Closers.
Buy Finger Guard Products At Stormflame

Finger Guards for Doors

Anti finger trapping devices for schools, nurseries, commercial premises etc | Wide choice of models, colours and prices.


Fire Door Protection

Certified products for use with fire doors | Fire grilles, fireseals, smoke seals, fire rated letterboxes | Door viewers, drop-down fire and acoustic door bottom seals.


Door Seals and Window Seals

Door and window weather-seals, draught-proofing seals and sound-proofing seals | Quality products from Raven, Schlegel (Aquamac), Stormguard and Astrodraft.


Fire Stop Products

Certified passive fire protection products | Pipe Collars, Air Valves , Duct Sleeves, Wallbox Liners, Fire Batt, Fire Pillows, Ventilated cladding seals & more.


Lighting Protection

Fire Hoods for Down Lights, Loft Cones, Luminaire Canopies | Fully certified, easy fitting | Maintain insulation and retard the spread of fire into roof spaces.


Mastics & Foams

Frame Foam, Intumescent Mastic, Fire Resistant Silicone Sealant, High Pressure Intumescent Sealant, Fire Rated Construction Foam.


Safety Products

Padded Wall Corner Guards, Window Restrictors, Parking Scrape Protection & more.


Disability Access

Ramps and low-profile thresholds to improve access to / movement within buildings for wheelchairs and similar applications.


Anti Graffiti Products

Anti-Graffiti Paints, Permanent Clear Protective Coatings, Graffiti Remover Sprays and Wipes.


Fire Proof Paint

Fire proof paints for structural steel and timber | Flame Retardant decorative finishes | Fire Varnish.


Other Paints & Coatings

Specialist Paints and Coatings | Asbestos Encapsulation | Paving Stain Repellents | Non Slip Floor Paint.


Interlocking Floor Tiles

Mototile interlocking floor tiles | Tiles for garage, utility room, warehouse, factory, retail and office floors & more | Tiles in new and recycled PVC materials.
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Stormflame has been online since 2001, selling quality products used by professional installers to maintain and upgrade buildings - particularly schools, HMO's and public buildings. Shop for a range of passive fire products, door finger guards, safety products, door and window seals, lighting protection, mastic and foams, fire proof paints, anti-graffiti products & interlocking floor tiles. Top brands include Astroflame, Astrodraft, Raven, Lorient, Schlegel, Stormguard and many more Payments are secured by WorldPay and PayPal and the shop is phone friendly making it easy to 'shop from site' if you need to.