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Specialist paints and coatings and surface preparation / cleaning products.

Asbestos Encapsulation CoatingAsbestos Encapsulation Coating
Encapsulate asbestos fibres with this coating for up to 20 years : Safe and inexpensive alternative to asbestos removal.
Anti Bacterial PaintAnti Bacterial Paint
A clear Anti Bacterial coating for application to a wide range of bare or painted surfaces : Up to 20 years Protection : Independently tested at Sheffield Hallam University.
Highly concentrated multi-purpose cleaning product - dilutes at 70:1 ratio | Cleans greasy surfaces - including prior to painting | 'Food Safe' formulation | Bio-Degradable.
Non Slip Floor PaintNon Slip Floor Paint
An anti-slip floor paint for concrete, timber or metal floors | Mid Green, Mid Grey or Tile Red | Durable epoxy based coating resists wear, water, oils and mild acids or alkalis.
Gum Magic ProtectionGum Magic Protection
Gum Magic inhibits the adhesion of chewing gum, grease & grime to many surfaces and aids swift removal.

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